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Intelligent manufacturing automation welding robot workstation
(cold chain equipment) Non-standard truss beam automatic welding workstation adopts single machine and double station layout. While the robot is welding at one station, the other station can carry out workpiece clamping and cutting work. Through reasonable configuration of operators, the efficiency of the system can be maximized.With the addition of the robot walking system, the robot can work in multiple stations, expanding the working radius of the robot.Adapt to the refrigeration industry more intelligent, flexible, multi - variety, small - batch production requirements.Make full use of robot utilization rate, improve welding quality and welding efficiency obviously.


Cold chain equipment welding robot workstation is mainly used for automatic welding of C-type steel beam, vertical column, pipe truss beam, frame side frame, bridge, spiral leg, fan frame and display board in the field of cold chain equipment.


Workpiece size: width ≤600mm, length: 3000mm-7500mm Robot repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm Repeated positioning accuracy of mobile mechanism: ±0.15mm Repeated positioning accuracy of the positioner: ±0.3mm
1.the welding unit configuration is simple, flexible layout, according to the actual situation of the corresponding layout, effectively avoid the interference of the fixture, double station configuration, reversing positioner and fixture, stability and improve welding quality, better ensure high-quality welding.

2.Suitable for mass production of products and welding of workpieces with many welds and not concentrated positions.By reversing the positioner and changing the gun pose of the robot, the straight line, arc and other complex welds can better ensure the gun's accessibility and status.

3.The double-station layout can effectively prevent the robot from being vacant when the workpiece is dismantled, improve the robot's use efficiency, and finally improve its production efficiency.

4.Flexible configuration and intelligent control.The system control system adopts PLC centralized control robot, robot walking shaft, welding positioner and fixture to make the work of each other orderly and efficient operation.

5.welding speed can be adjusted, with good structural stiffness, effectively ensure fast welding, using the advantage of fast servo rotary speed, more conducive to cross welding, reduce the workpiece welding deformation.
Containing welding robot (including robot body, numerical control inverter welding machine, welding torch, collision sensors, wire feeding device, wire feeding machine, wire plate holder, wire feed tube, transformer), peripheral supporting (including welding machine, robot walking outside shaft deflection, flexibility of tooling, robot is installed base, line balance, the gun wire cutter, safety barrier, control system, etc.).

Number Project Parameter Unit
1 Applicable workpiece width ≤600 mm
2 Applicable workpiece length 3000-7500 mm
3 Wire extension 10-12 mm
4 Wire diameter 0.8 Solid core wire (disc wire/drum wire) φ
5 Robot repeated positioning accuracy ±0.1 mm
6 Repeated positioning accuracy of moving mechanism ±0.15 mm
7 Repeated positioning precision of the positioner ±0.3 mm
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