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Car Seat Structure Welding Station(one robot two station)
Car seat structure welding station takes one robot two position of M shape. While robot weld on one station, worker can do fixtures and material preparation on the other station. This system is widely used in industrial


Welding bicycle accessories, electric car accessories, guardrails, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, furniture accessories, auto parts, car seats, sports equipment, medical equipment, hardware and electrical machinery and other hardware manufacturing welding tasks.


Welding speed: 5~50mm/s
Poisioner repeated locating accuracy: ±0.3
Robot repeated locating accuracy: ±0.1mm
1. The welding unit is simple in configuration and flexible in layout:
According to the actual situation, the corresponding layout can be carried out, effectively avoiding the interference condition of the fixture, double-station configuration, flipping the positioner and fixture, stabilizing and improving the welding quality, and better ensuring high-quality welding.
2. It is suitable for the mass production of products, and the welding of workpieces with many weld seams and uneven position.
3. Double station layout, improve production efficiency:
The double-station layout can effectively prevent the vacant time of the robot during the disassembly of the workpiece, improve the efficiency of the robot, and ultimately improve its production efficiency.
4. Flexible configuration, customized based on personal requirements:  
Equipment configuration, like robot brand , welding power and etc.
5. Flexible Design, easy to change software and fixture, save investment.
6. Easily changable fxture, long durable life.
Fixture takes special material and heat treatment, long durable life.

a) While the robot is welding at one station, another station can perform workpiece clamping and blanking operations, and the cycle can be reciprocated. Through reasonable configuration of the operator, the efficiency of the system can be maximized.
b) Structure: It includes a set of long arm welding robots, a set of robot mounting bases, two sets of single-axis pneumatic positioners, three sets of welding fixtures (designed and manufactured for customer workpieces), a set of robot control systems, and a set of robot teaching devices. A set of welding power, a set of robot-specific welding torches, and two sets of external control boxes.

Item Data
Fixture size Customized
Fixture weight Customized
Welding speed Normal 5-50mm/s, depends on beam
Relocating accuracy ±0.1 mm
Mocing   Structure   Repeated   Locating accuracy  ±0.15mm


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