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Tank Welding Workstation
It consists of a robotic welding system, a robotic walking track, a servo displacement system, and a laser weld seam tracking system. Applicable tank welding range: diameter 600-1200mm, length 600-6000mm.


Various types of tanks, pressure vessels, aviation equipment, chemicals, boilers, heat exchanger engineering machinery, military and nuclear power.


Applicable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and etc;
Applicable workpiece outer diameter: Φ600~Φ1200mm;
Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.08.
1.Stabilize and improve welding quality, and improve production efficiency:
It can realize batch product welding automation, stabilize and improve welding quality, ensure its uniformity, reduce the requirements for workers' operating skill, and improve productivity. It can be continuously produced 24 hours a day.

2.The high degree of automation, flexibility:
The addition of the robot walking track and the positioner greatly expands the welding range and the size of the applicable workpiece, shortens the cycle of product modification and reduces the corresponding investment equipment.

3.First-class servo system and motion control system:
The system adopts a modular design concept to separate the controller and the sensor; the sensor is compact and can be used in a small space. The system's unique cooling design allows it to operate in harsh welding environments with very high reliability.
The tank welding station consists of M-10iA/8L robot, Artsen CM 500R welding power supply, customized welding station, UNI300 laser tracking, and customized electrical&gas control system.
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