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Robotic Positioner/Welding Fixture
A special auxiliary equipment for welding, making workpieces fixed on platform to a precise angle for welding robot by platform up-down and turn.


Chemical, industrial oven, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, pharmaceuticals, construction machinery, military and nuclear power.


Weight : 300kg;
size : 5200 *1000*1850 mm;
location accuracy : ±0.20mm.

1.High quality platform guarantee accuracy and customized color:
The platform is welded by excellent steel, stress relieving process, treated by special machinery.  Such platform can make sure high welding accuracy.  Color customized.

2.Servo motor of power control with feature of precise location and long durable life:
Engine structure is composed of servo motor and RV reducer Retarder, it can keep turning stability and precise location with feature of low breakdown and long durable life.   Complete isolation of conductive basement can protect servo motor, robot and welding power.

3.OMRON electronic control system feature of stable work and low breakdown.

4.Platform turning takes stepless speed adjustment, high precise adjustment. Remote control box can connect with welder control system and operator.

5.Scientific Program makes high turn speed of welding pieces to reach high welding efficiency and avoid thermal deformation.

6.Worker location fixed on one point.

7. Widely application: Suitable for multi surface welding beam hardware, not matter straight or curve or arc beam welding.

a) Three-axis vertical flip positioner:
The flipping of the first axis of this type of positioner realizes the transposition of the clamp A/B side, and the self-reversal of the second/third axis realizes the automatic flipping of the clamp. The positioner realizes the synchronous coordination action with the robot. The drive adopts the servo motor, and two sets of the same fixture work together. While the A side robot is welded, the B side is the manual assembly. This positioner is much more efficient for the entire workstation.

b) Three-axis horizontal return position machine:
This type of positioner is a different type of equipment for the three-axis positioner. The working principle is basically the same as that of the three-axis vertical flip positioner. However, the first axis has to be rotated by the A/B side of the clamp, second. The axis/third axis is still automatically flipped by the flip by itself. The positioner realizes synchronous coordination with the robot. The drive adopts servo motor, two sets of the same fixture work together, while the A side robot is welded, and the B side is manual assembly.
NO. Item Data Remark
1 Rated Load 1000 kg  
2 Main axis standard radius R1500mm  
3 Vice axis standard radius R500mm  
4 1st axis working range ±180°  
5 2nd axis working range ±360° °
6 1st axis motion speed 24°/s  
7 2nd axis Motion speed 70°/s °
8 Platform oversize dimension 5200*1000*1850mm  
9 Power 380V 3phase Isolation
10 Isolation standard H  
11 Equipment weight About 3000kg
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