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Intelligent&Flexible Military Welding Production Line
Based on customers specific requirements, the intelligent military production line realizes automatic assembly, conveying, spot welding, preheating, welding, post-heating and other production procedures.
1.The production line adopts modular control of the working position. Under normal working conditions, the system will adopt centralized control management to monitor the production operation.
2.When the station needs to be controlled separately, the station control operation can be performed by the station control integrated device. The central computer monitoring platform will start the real-time monitoring of the entire system. 
3.Easy and stable operation, reliability and reliability of the production line.
4.Each module has a safety alarm device that can control the operation of the equipment and emergent failure points in real time.

Core Technology
Based on the production cycle, this military production line fully considers the supply and demand management between the various processes, and strives to achieve the performance ratio of the production line. At the same time, the economic significance, safety, stable operation, reliability and reliability of the production line. 
Plant Components
1.The entire flexible production line is displayed as one straight shape from left to right. It is divided into 15 work stations including production stations and storage areas, which can meet the collinearity of various series of workpieces. produce.
2.This production line adopts welding robot, assembly robot, RGV, automatic gun changing device, automatic inspection and proof platform, servo flip positioner, material quick positioning positioning trolley, flexible tooling, tempering furnace, etc.
3.The information production command and dispatch system to make the production, realizing standardized the assembly welding station, programmed operation process, automatic loading and unloading of welding parts.
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