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FD-B15 OTC Multi-functional Welding Robot
This FD-B15 OTC Multi-functional Welding Robot is Smart size and easy to operate with shorter working beat time and smaller control cabinet. The controller connected to computer with small test box.


It can meet the functions of cutting, welding, rubber coating, thermal painting, handling, palletizing, etc.


Max loading weight: 15kg
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.08 mm
Driving power: 5600W

1. It can be applied to multi-functional fields such as arc welding, spot welding, cutting, gluing, handling, thermal painting, etc. And it can cope with various requirements in production and processing.
2. Easy to operate with simple structure, fast speed, improved working performance.
3. Simple and easy maintenance, low cost of system construction with high performance.
4. Coaxial cable built-in structure, to minimize interference between the cable and the fixture, easier to obtain welding posture.


Built-in cable storage: optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation
Model FD-B15
Number of Axes 6
Max.Payload Capacity 15 kg
r 1,832 mm
Position Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Drive Capacity 5600 W
Working Range Wrist J1 ±170°(±50°)
J2 -155° — +100°
J3 -170° — +305°
Arm J4 ±155°
J5 -37° — +217°
J6 ±205°
Maximum Speed Wrist J1 3.40rad/s(195°/s), 2.88rad/s(165°/s
J2 3.05rad/s(175°/s)
J3 3.23rad/s(190°/s)
Arm J4 6.98rad/s(400°/s)
J5 6.11rad/s(350°/s)
J6 10.50rad/s(600°/s)
Cross-sectional Area 6.52m2 * 340°
Ambient Conditions 0-45℃,20-80%RH(No Condensation)
Mass(weight) 286 kg
Installation Type Floor/Wall/Ceiling
Paint Color White

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