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KH-W50 Welding Robot
The KH-N series robots are lightweight, with a payload of 50Kg and an effective working radius of 2110mm. Mainly suitable for medium load, wide range of work. The compact structure and high-precision reducer are installe


Assembly, Welding, Material handling, Palletizing, Die Casting, Assembly, Polishing


Model: KH-W50
Wrist Payload: 50kg
Max Working Radius: 2124
Material handling, palletizing, die casting, assembly
1. greater flexibility, more stable performance, lower energy consumption
2. Minimize errors by the visual function of the robot
3. with high performance throughput
4. long working hours
5. fixed automation

Assembly, welding
1. Stabilize and improve welding quality, high product consistency
2. improve productivity, continuous production 24 hours a day
3. Improve workers' working conditions and work long-term under harmful environment
4. Reduce the requirements for workers' operating technology
5. Shorten the cycle of product modification and reduce the corresponding investment equipment
6. can achieve batch product welding automation
7. save floor space

Grinding and polishing
Cutting, grinding, deburring, cleaning, polishing, water cutting and other processing applications
KH series universal robot is compact in structure. All joints are installed with high precision reducer. High speed joint motion ensures robot's flexible working in narrow space. The robot has felxible installation ways. It can do handling, palletizing, assembly, etc.
Model KH-W50
Wrist Payload 520kg
Max Working Radius 2124mm
Maximum Speed J1 140°/s
J2 120°/s
J3 120°/s
J4 220°/s
J5 300°/s
J6 320°/s
Maximum Operation Area J1 ±165°
J2 +130°~-60°
J3 +75°~-195°
J4 ±360°
J5 ±120°
J6 ±360°
Mass(weight) 510kg
Position Repeat Accuracy ±0.25mm
Working Temperature 0-40°

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