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KH-315A Orbital Welding Machine
It is suitable for straight pipe welding with outer diameter of workpiece Φ80~Φ180mm, for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and etc. By improving the pressure roller, it also can be used for the wall thickness o


Chemical, boiler, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, pharmaceutical, construction machinery, military and nuclear power industries.


Program storage: 1 ~ 100 (welding specification);
program segmentation: 1 - 12 segments.
1. Compatible with 11 types of heads, optional as needed.
2. PLC control system can store up to 100 sets of welding specifications, each group of welding specifications can be divided into 1-12 paragraphs; man-machine interface uses LCD10.1 wide LCD touch screen display, input is simple and convenient.
3. Use OTC DT300PII inverter to control DC pulse power supply, AC220 power supply. The welding efficiency is high, the arc is stable, and the bead is beautifully formed. (Replaceable three-phase 380V welding power supply)
4. Forced water cooling system, equipped with water tank for easy water supply, the machine can work continuously for a long time.
5. Car-integrated design, free to move.
6. The water, electricity and gas interface are easy to connect, and the host can be started with one button.
Clean and polish the nozzle. according to the relevant process to slit a uniform symmetrical standard bevel. The max error limitation is 1mm at nozzle connection part, and spot welding should be done in advance.
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