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RGV Conveying Vehicle
The signal interaction between the RGV and the console is wirelessly transmitted using WIFI. A transport vehicle that can travel along a defined guiding path with safety protection and various transfer functions.


Automotive, electronics, warehousing, machinery manufacturing and processing, home appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarettes and etc.


Linear operating speed: 6-200 (m/min)
Turning speed: 6-60(m/min)
Loading speed:0.5-0.9(m/s)
1.The scheduling system is easy to operate with flexible control system.
The control of RGV is completed by its dispatch control system, such as the logistics path and working mode change. As long as the relevant parameters of the control system is reset, it can be automatically connected with other logistics systems, such as the inbound and outbound stations, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators, robots and etc., based on the material prepared for transportation.
2.No worker needed for operation with fast running speed, stable walking
Accelerated and fast moving speed, suitable for transporting heavy workpieces. Because of the fixed rails, stable walking, accurate parking position, it significantly reduces the workload of warehouse managers, improving labor productivity, and its application greatly simplifies the logistics system.
3.A variety of transfer devices can be equipped for the shuttle tableMultiple choices of transfer devices for the shuttle table depending on the application with fixed cargo platform, chain conveyor type, roller conveyor type, jacking type and sliding fork type.
4.Long-distance transportation of materials with ssing reciprocating or loopback modeRGV can realize long-distance transportation of materials, automatic tracking and dynamic inquiry throughout. The trolley communicates with the WMS system and runs on a fixed track to transport the goods to a designated location or to a feeder. Equipped with intelligent sensing system, it can automatically remember the origin position and automatic deceleration system.
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