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Two-way Submersible AGV
Two-way submersible AGVs mainly includes vehicles, peripherals, field components, and fixed control systems. Its length and height of the body are 1.5 meters and 0.29 meters respectively. It is a smart truck for industri


Automotive, electronics, warehousing, machinery manufacturing and processing, home appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarettes and etc.


AGV driven method: Single steering wheel driven
Walking pattern: Forward, backward, turn
Max speed: Straight line 36m/min, turn 25m/min
1. Using two-way submersible design, magnetic strip navigation, automatic guidance, chain transfer, the two-way submersible AGV can be used for two-way traction material vehicles. It is equipped with electromagnetic automation guiding device, magnetic strip navigation, chain transfer, computer control of its travel route and behavior, and it can travel along the prescribed guiding path to meet the wall. The material truck distribution on one side is suitable for most factory material trucks.
2. With wireless network, artificial intelligence calls, saving time and improving efficiency:
Using magnetic navigation technology, various functions can be customized according to customer needs, purchase laser or infrared obstacle avoidance mode, and realize manual call of the truck at any time through wireless local area network, saving time and efficiency. The robot task deployment and dispatching system realizes the informationization of the robot whole machine, the autonomous mobile platform and even the loaded raw materials.
3. High degree of automation:
Controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, laser reflectors. The AGV can sneak into the bottom of the material appliance according to the program instructions, and realizes the automatic suspension and disengagement of the AGV and the material appliance through the traction mechanism. The two-way submersible AGV is capable of two-way front and rear, especially for narrow spaces where steering is restricted.
4. Automatic charging with durable battery:
When the power of the AGV car runs out, it will issue a request command to the system, request charging, and “queue” the charging to the place where it is automatically charged when the system allows it. In addition, the AGV car has a long battery life (more than 10 years) and can work for about 4 hours per 15 minutes of charging.
The AGV lurks under the trolley and uses the tow bar to automatically lift, hook or drop the skip, allowing reciprocating motion in a single channel.
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