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Ke-Hui technology was organized in 1996, as the leading company in the welding and heat treatment field.It concentrates on providing solution and recommendation to clients, hence, we attempt to customize our product relates to clients’ requirements. By the rich experience in such area, we may design and produce various type of product, such as tube-tube and tube-tube sheet, and other type automatic welding machine which successfully be used in petrochemical, manufacturing and boiler industry.

Ke-Hui Technology own five centers in headquarter such as the research and development center, sales and service center and manufacturing center and so on.  They work together for supplying product, design and sales service to clients.

Our product includes four main parts:

1. Automatic orbital welding machine for arc welding, tube to tube welding , tube to tube sheet welding,  and so on

2. Welding Robot for OTC, ABB brand 

3. Robotic welding station, integration for robotic welding

4. Automation welding solution relates the real requirement of clients

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