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KHB12-80 tube to tube sheet automatic TIG orbital welding machine

    KHB12-80 tube to tube sheet automatic TIG orbital welding machine

    1.Manufacturer with 20 years
    2.Application: tube to tube sheet TIG orbital welding
    3.Suitable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy
    4.Weldable Out Diameter: 12-89mm
    5.Weldable thickness: 1-6.5mm

Brief Introduction:

KHB Suspension Type Automatic Tube –Tube Sheet Pulse Argon Arc Welding Machine is specially designed for the automatic all-position welding between tube and tube sheet for the tubes with the specification of φ12~89 mm. The welding machine could be used for several tube sheet joint forms including flat head butting (flat position welding), external extension angle joint (external angle welding), indent angle joint (internal angle welding) and so forth. Moreover, the welding machine is also applicable for the welding manner with or without the requirement of filler wire. It is an important welding machine for the high pressure vessels and heat exchangers made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy.


1.  It is applicable for all kinds of tube-tube plate assembly method

2.  The machine is of compact structure and small volume. Equipped with the elastic fixed mandrel, three-point bracket, it can be adjusted in circumferential direction, axial direction and radial direction.The movement of the machine becomes more reliable with the imported motor and fluttering mechanism.

3.  Programmed control system is people-oriented. With simple operation and human-computer friendly interface, it can store a maximum of 99 welding specifications, each of which can be divided into 1-16 segments. Since it can be easily input, there is no need to require for a professional foundation. 

4.  The IGBT inverting-control direct-current power supply is adopted. With high-efficiency welding, and strong arc stability, the formation of the weld effect is smooth.

5.  Getting rid of the limitation of on-site water source and hydraulic pressure, forced water cooling system can be used for sufficient cooling reliably and conveniently.

6.  Auto AVC controlling on or off for manually adjusting

Video for welding


Weld tube outer diameter




Welding torch angle of tilt


Welding torch speed of rotation

0.3~6 rpm

Wire feeding speed


Power control mode

IGBT inversion control

Rated input voltage


Power frequency and phase

50/60 HZ, three phases, four wires

Input voltage range


Rated input capacity


Rated power input


Rated duty cycle


Rated no-load voltage


Rated welding voltage


Welding current (background current)


Welding Effect:

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