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KHBL8-80 tube to tube sheet automatic arc orbital welding machine

    KHBL8-80 tube to tube sheet automatic arc orbital welding machine

    1.Manufacturer with 20 years
    2.Application: tube to tube sheet orbital welding on Boiler, heat changer,etc
    3.Suitable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy.
    4.Weldable Out Diameter: 8-80mm
    5.Weldable thickness: 1-6.5mm

Brief Introduction:

KHBL8-80A Tube to Tube Sheet Automatic Argon Arc Welder is specially designed for all-position welding tube sheet with external diameter from 8 mm to 80 mm. It can be used for tube sheet joints, including flat termination (welding), overhanging corner (outer corner welding), retracted corner (inside corner welding) and etc., it is also applicable to welding with or without filler wire. It is important welding equipment for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy high-pressure containers and heat exchangers.


1.   It is suitable for various tube-tube plate assembly methods;

2.   The 3-D adjustment of gantry in additional to 3-D fine tuning is suitable for the welding of intensive heat exchanger with small tube diameter and tube bridge;

3.   The welding head can rotate by 180° horizontally, to easily replace the tungsten electrode and fine tune the weld feed;

4.   The water, electricity and gas system of welding head uses the no-winding method, so that the welding torch can rotate continuously, to realize multi-layer welding by control of arc length;

5.   The welding head uses water-cooled positioning mandrel, to avoid tube cap melting in flow, so as for fine welding seam appearance;

6.   The drive and wire feed use Switzerland-imported DC servo motor and reducer assembly, to make head movement more reliable;

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Rated input capacity


Rated power input


Voltage allow fluctuating range


Phase number




Rated load sustained rate


Rated welding voltage

TIG welding 22.6V

The rated voltage no-load


Weldable tube diameter


Weldable wall thickness


Welding current adjusting range


Wire feeding speed


Wire filling diameter


Welding head turn speed


Built-in memory capacity

100 groups of welding procedure

Welding speed


Welding Effect:

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