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KHR-A portable smart quench tester

    KHR-A portable smart quench tester

    >Manufacture with 21 years experience
    >For testing cooling performance of quenching medium
    >More than 200 units been sold in 15 countries
    >95% market share in China
    >International standards ISO9950

Brief Introduction:

Introduced in 1996, KeHui SmartQuench has now been sold in more than 200 units in 15 countries, according to international standards ISO9950:1995 manufacturing,using the thermocouple nickel alloy probe test method, this is a kind of testing medium of performance the cooling process curve method. First the probe is heated to specified temperature (usually for 850 ℃), insert the detected medium for cooling. Then through with the microcomputer system records probe temperature changes with time and the cooling speed with temperature changes, by the LCD touch screen display the test results of cooling process curve (temperature/time) and cooling characteristic curve (temperature/cold speed); Also through tabular form shows it. Finally, according to the above results evaluate the cooling performance of the medium. The results can be through the random software transmission to external computer in the management.

>Meet the needs of customers on-site inspection 

>Self-test the cooling performance of quenching medium 
>More advanced than traditional methods 

>Equipment availability, economy


>For heat treatment factory:

1. Test the minimum at the maximum cold speed and the maximum of 300 centigrade degree, as the data for judgment of quenching medium.

2. Detect quenching medium regularly.

3. To judge whether the cooling medium should be changed or not.

4. Detect the cooling performance of  different parts of cooling medium , and optimize the cooling process and equipment.

5. Quenching quality accident (quenching cracks,deformation.not quench) analysis.

>For cooling medium production factory:

1. Analysis the relation of the component part of medium and the cooling performance .

2. Confirm the composition of  quenching medium . 

3. Help to develop new products

4. Control the product quality

Sample testing curves: 

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