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KHGL fusion and fillet welding pipe welding machine

    KHGL fusion and fillet welding pipe welding machine

    1.Manufacturer with 20 years
    2.Application: tube to tube joint TIG orbital welding; pipe to pipe joint orbital welding
    3.Suitable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, S/S, copper and copper alloys
    4.Weldable Out Diameter: 8-150mm

Brief Introduction:

This machine is specially designed for tube to flange TIG welding. It can be used to do oil pipe, tube-flange, tube-elbow welding. According to the requirements of the welding process, it can realize a single location or all position welding, butt welding, angle welding.

Application: Special tube to tube and tube to flange in aerospace, automotive, engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry.


1. Pneumatic clamping design, convenient and efficient, precisely positioning to ensure the work piece fixed on the platform stably;
2. Quick positioning, no wire wrapping required before welding, reduce time of preparation;

3. Weld with or without wire feeding

4. Built-in wire feeder, no wire twist design.
5. Optional to choose with/without wire feeding;
6. Water circuit cooling torch for long time working;

7. Weld pipe thickness more than 0.8 mm

8. Fusion welding and fillet welding 



Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Welding Method

Pulse TIG welding

Tube OD


Tungsten Diameter


Rotation Speed


Torch Angle


Protective Gas




Wire Diameter


Max Wire Feeding Speed


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