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KHBT saddle type tube-Cylinder automatic tig welding machine

    KHBT saddle type tube-Cylinder automatic tig welding machine

    1.Manufacturer with 20 years
    2.Application: tube to cylinder TIG welding
    3.Suitable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, S/S and titanium alloy
    4.Weldable pipe Dia.: 51mm
    5.Cylinder Dia: 800-2400mm

Brief Introduction:

KHBT series cylinder wall saddle type tube-tube plate automatic welding machine is important welding production equipment for high pressure vessels, heat exchangers of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy etc.KHBT51 welding machine is dedicated to orthogonal saddle type tube-tube plate automatic welding of all position between the pipe outer diameter of Ø51mm and the cylinder inner diameter of Ø800 ~ Ø2400mm.


1. Welding head adopting compact design, equipped with a special-made car and easy to operate. 

2. The bottom of the car equipped with a solenoid mechanism to ensure reliable and accurate positioning of the torch in the welding process. When the electromagnet is disconnected, the car can move freely in the cylinder.

3. Triaxial of torch rotation system, feeding system and arc system being together and making the weld seam steamy and nice.

4. Torch using forced circulation water cooling method and thus can work long.

5. Welding head positioning spindle adopting water cooling method to avoid burning loss caused by overheating of the tube head.

6. Control system using PLC control, stability and strong anti-interference.

7. LCD touch screen, simple to input, easy and intuitive

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