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KHGF tube to cap and cover automatic Arc welding machine

    KHGF tube to cap and cover automatic Arc welding machine

    1.Manufacturer with 20 years
    2.Application: Tube to shell cover Arc welding
    3.Suitable material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy
    4.Weldable Out Diameter: 89-160mm

Brief Introduction:

This system is specially designed for tube(89mm/159mm) to shell cover all position welding. It is specially used for tube to shell cover automatic TIG welding in heat sink.

Applicable industries: petrochemical, shipbuilding, aerospace, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, food machinery, etc. For Various kinds of tube to shell cover structure. Pipe diameter 89mm/159mm, material of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc


1.Suitable for tube to shell cover connection.

2. Weld head structure is compact, small volume. Using four chuck for calibration, electromagnet positioning, automatic AVC controlling.

3. PLC control system, with accurate and reliable controlling, strong anti-interference capacity.

4. LCD touch screen man-machine interface, with English and Chinese operation interface. It is simple, direct and convenient to operate. It can store up to 100 welding specification, in each group can be divided into 6 sections.

5. Panasonic IGBT inverter control dc pulse power soure, high efficiency, welding arc have strong stability, weld bead molding beautiful.

6. Mandatory water cooling system with stainless steel tank, not restricted by field conditions such as water pressure, water source etc, cooling sufficient.

7. The cars type integration design, easy to move and use.


Shell Cover OD



Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Rotation Speed

0.2-0.8 rpm

Torch Angle


Welding Method

Pulse TIG

Tungsten Diameter


Welding Speed


Protective Gas




Wire Diameter


Max Wire Feeding Speed


Welding Effect:

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