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Robots station

360 degree servo motor rotating table with two axis

型号 KEHUI-T1210 KEHUI-T1310 KEHUI-T1410
Maximum loading weight 300kg 500kg 1000kg
Maximum rotating speed  3.1rad/sec[180°/s] 2.8rad/sec[162°/s] 2.9rad/sec[72°/s]
Maximum slanting speed  2.2rad/sec[125°/s] 1.5rad/sec[84°/s] 1.4rad/sec[82°/s]
Maximum torque 294N·m 392N·m 882N·m
Maximum torque for slanting axis 882N·m 1347N·m 3704N·m
Position repeatability accurancy ±0.08mm(at position R250 ) ±0.08mm(at position R250 ) ±0.08mm(at position R250 )
Position for stop the rotating any any any
weight of the machine 260kg 260kg 470kg

Parameter for KEHUI-T1210

Parameter for KEHUI-T1310

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