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One dream

Use science and wisdom to prop up the backbone of international industry.
Meeting the demands of China's manufacturing equipment and leading the industry, it has become the world's leading integrated manufacturer of intelligent welding automation equipment.

Two insistences

Adhere to the down-to-earth work style
Adhere to the historical mission of serving the equipment manufacturing industry

Three keys

Correct direction, complete plan, good method.

Four musts

Be sure to develop and maintain customers
Be sure to do a good job in the execution of company orders and processes
Be sure to build a customer service system
Be sure to train the talent team

Five are not afraid

No fear for difficulties, making mistakes, being aggrieved, criticism, and setbacks
Six encouragements
Encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, action, communication, learning, and endeavor
Seven abstainings
Abstain from bullying, excuses, single direction position, and being pretentious, extravagant,greedy.

Eight believings

Believing that all greatness is created by ordinary people.
As long as we persist in advancing, we will certainly become a great company with leading international technology.
Believing that providing the user with intelligent welding automation overall solution is one of the most important industries in the equipment manufacturing industry and the entire national economy.
As long as we work hard, it will inevitably bring about technological progress in the equipment manufacturing industry.
Believing that any difficulty and pain are short-lived.
Tomorrow's success will prove that those difficulties and pains have been the cornerstone of our way to the top.
Believing in modesty and prudence, good learning is a characteristic of an outstanding person. Success is our ambition, excellence is our pursuit.
Believing that there is always a return.
The glory of the results must be a solid process, paying attention to every detail And will inevitably bring a perfect ending
Believing that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team.
No matter how good a person is, it is small in front of a strong team.
We should respect every member of the team and continue to cultivate ourselves, tolerate and understand others.
I believe that people who pursue can enjoy true happiness. Happiness is a process, not a result. The enjoyment process is more important than having results. Believing that having the ability is a pass that is respected and recognized by others. It is our lifelong cultivation to study hard to improve our ability.

Nine ideas

Success is because of attitude
I am what I think of me.
I am the root of everything
Not impossible, but no way to find it temporarily
The mountain is not here, I will pass.
Make small but daily progress
Determined to succeed
God helps those who help themselves
awesome! This kind of thing happened to me, and gave me a chance to grow up. Everything happens, there will be cause and effect, it will help me.

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