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Spot Robotic Welding Workstation
It consists of spot welding robot system (operator and robot controller), controller system, touch screen, welding gun unit (welding gun and transformer) and auxiliary device.


Automobiles, motorcycles, civil engineering, home appliances, 3c, railway locomotives and construction machinery.


Working height: 850mm;
size: 6000 × 5000 × 2200 (L*W*H);
max. workpiece shape: 750*650mm.
1. Improve and stabilize the welding quality of the body.
2. Reduce labor and reduce labor intensity, and achieve continuous “unmanned production” for 24 hours.
3. Improve equipment utilization, less equipment and floor space of the workshop.
4. According to the welding operation, the processing of the required parts can be arranged in time, thereby reducing the stock of roughcast and available parts, thereby reducing the corresponding funds and venues.
a) The workstation sets two operation stations, each welding fixtures is fixed, and the workpieces are alternately loaded and unloaded, and the robot automatically completes the welding. At each loading and unloading station, there is a grating to ensure the safety of the operator.
b) When the worker loads and unloads the workpiece, the robot will never enter the area. When the robot welds the workpiece, if the person enters the area, the robot will stop running immediately.
Primary power supply Three-phase communication 380±10%
rated power 50kVA
Secondary maximum short circuit current 15000A(under 5% load rate)
Maximum pressure of the electrode 3000N
Welding tongs jaw depth 350mm
Welding tong electrode stroke 120mm
Maximum weldable workpiece shape 750*650mm
Working height 850mm
Cooling water pressure 0.20~0.30Mpa
Cooling water flow 20~30L/min
Robot system (KUKA) KR150-2
Pneumatic system pressure (MPa) 0.6
System volume (L*W*H) 6000X5000X2200 mm

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