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Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Specification Conditions Issued

2018-07-20 11:16:26

 According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on July 19th, in order to strengthen the intelligent manufacturing system solution provider management, standardize the intelligent manufacturing system integration service activities, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology researched and drafted the "Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Supplier Specification Conditions ( "Consultation Draft"), is now open to the public for comments.
The Exposure Draft states that the regulatory conditions apply to enterprises and institutions in the People's Republic of China that implement digital, networked and intelligent production lines, workshops, and factory integrated application services through integrated manufacturing equipment, automation control, industrial software and other technologies and systems.
In terms of basic requirements, the Exposure Draft proposes that it should be registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China, have independent legal personality, and obtain a business license; the financial data is authentic, and the total revenue of the intelligent manufacturing system solution in the past three years is not less than 50 million yuan, audited by an accounting firm registered in China; has good credit and public image, legal and honest operation, no violation of national laws and regulations in the past three years, no illegal competition; with relevant laws and regulations, The safety production conditions stipulated by national standards or industry standards, no major or above production safety accidents occurred within two years; the quality management system, environmental management system, information security management system, etc. shall be established according to the requirements of the project builder, and the operation shall be effectively carried out. Three-party certification.
The draft for comments also proposes corresponding requirements from the aspects of professional technical services, supervision and management.
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