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Aluminum Plate Robot Welding WorkStation
The steel building templates robot welding station can be divided into aluminum and steel station based on workpieces material. It adopts double station layout, two-dimensional aperture platform and multipurpose fixtures.


Steel structures welding in construction machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace industries, etc.


Welding speed: 6mm/s Max. weldable size: 3000*600mm Robot repeatability: ±0.1mm Slideway repeatability : ±0.15mm Positioner repeatability: ±0.3mm
Stable arc, quality weld seams with little sparks flying
The robot welds even, smooth and beautiful seams with little sparks flying. No undercut seams is formed. The weld quality is highly improved. It can weld scaly weld seams. Range of weldable head gaps is expanded. It avoids unqualified weld appearance like airhole.

Short robot vacant time, 24h continuous welding.
The system is easy to control. It has specific production plans by modular design. The robot works with a fixed welding tempo. Double station design makes very short vacant time of the robot. It can work continuously for 24hours. The production efficiency is improved to 3 times compared with manual welding.

Excellent repeat welding performance, excellent weld seams. Programmatic control and motion trajectory standards can realize precise repeat motions. The robot keeps stable parameters of weld speed and weld posture. It reduces human factors to the weld quality. It has great general weld quality.

Little labor intensity and sanitary work environment for operators.Only one time demonstration is needed. And the robot can finish all welding procedures automatically. Once finished, the operator can start loading and unloading of the workpieces by pressing buttons. It prevents the operator from welding arcs, fog and flying sparks.  

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Auxiliary system configuration (universal configuration):
Dust and smoke cleaning system - including robotic welded fully enclosed welding room and equipped with corresponding exhaust and dust removal system
Torch cleaning and wire cutting system - torch cleaning station, wire cutting mechanism and spray silicone oil unit
Automatic wire feeding system - automatic wire feeding machine, matching welding wire, wire feeding bracket, wire feeding barrel (plate)
Electronic control system - general control, PLC control, DCS control, external controller
Safety protection system - safety light barrier, safety fence, arc screen
Other configuration systems - flexible group pair fixtures, fixtures, robot mounting base, station internal wiring

No. Item Parameter
1 Workpiece size ≤3000mm*600mm
2 Workpiece weight Custom
3 Welding speed 6mm/s
4 Robot repeatability ±0.1mm
5 Robot controlled axes 6
6 Robot wingspan 2028mm
7 Robot payload at wrist 8kg
8 Slideway repeatability ±0.15mm
9 Positioner repeatability ±0.3
10 Environment temp. range -10℃~+45℃
11 Environment relative humidity ≤90%, no condensation
12 Power AC380V士10%,50Hz士1Hz
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