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Handling Robot
The KH series handling robot system adopts 4-axis design, which has the advantages of compact structure, good versatility, fast running speed, low failure rate, convenient operation, low energy consumption.


Machinery manufacturing, food, feed, medicine, chemical, fertilizer, cement, glass, friction materials, refractory materials, steel, building materials, environmental protection etc.



1.Simple structure with a few parts:
Low failure rate of components, reliable performance, simple maintenance, and small required inventory parts.

2.Small footprint and high efficiency:
It can be set in a narrow space and be effectively used, it is beneficial to the layout of the production line in the customer's factory, leaving a large warehouse area.

3.Good versatility, flexible integration and production:
When the size, volume, shape and shape of the customer's product changing, only need to modify it on the touch screen without affecting the normal production.


4.High precision, low energy consumption:
With excellent trajectory accuracy and repeatability, the power of the transporter is around 26KW, while the power of the transport robot is about 5KW, greatly reducing the operating costs.

5.Simple operation and strong versatility:
Each process can be optimized for customization with a large inertia, high torque upper arm extender and various wrist modules. The scope of work is large and can be easily installed in equipment-intensive production lines. All controls can be operated on the control cabinet screen, and the operation is very simple. Just locate the starting point and the placement point, and the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.

Robot handling systems include industrial robots, controllers, programmers, robotic grippers, auto-disassemble/stackers, pallet transport and positioning equipment, and handling mode software.

Kehui robot handling system:
KH-S series small robot handling system
Features: wrist rated load 3Kg, payload 5Kg, effective working radius is 700mm.
KH-N series robot handling system
Features: Lightweight structure, effective load of 50Kg, effective working radius of 2110mm.
Model Handling Robot
wrist rated load 3kg
payload 5Kg
effective working radius 700mm

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