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KHB12-80 Tube to Tubesheet Auto Pulse Orbital Welder
Specially used for automatic welding of tube-tubesheet with outer diameter of tube diameter from 12mm to 80mm, including flat end connection (flat welding).


Chemical, boiler, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, pharmaceutical, construction machinery, military and nuclear power industries.


Weight: 110kg;
size: 980 × 600 × 1120 mm (L×W×H);
pipe requirement: φ12-80 mm.
1. Mature technology and advanced technology:
23 years of experience in intelligent welding equipment technology R & D and manufacturing, multi-generation product process accumulation and upgrade,compact machine head and small in size, adopts elastic positioning mandrel and three-point support frame, which can be adjusted circumferentially, axially and radially, and the operation is fast. accuracy in positioning.

2. Imported motor, stable and reliable:
The IGBT inverter is used to control the DC pulse current, the welding efficiency is high, the arc stability is strong, and the bead is beautifully formed.

3. Operating economy, efficient production:
The TIG water-cooled welding torch is equipped with a 16-liter stainless steel water tank, which is not limited by the on-site water pressure and other conditions. The cooling is sufficient to ensure that the welding machine can work 24 hours a day.

4. Easy to operate:
The program control system is easy to operate and can store up to 100 welding specifications. Each group can be divided into 1 to 16 segments. It can be operated with simple training without special foundation and special language. The truck-mounted integrated design is free to move and easy to use.
1. After welding program settings completed, insert machine head into working position, press the start button, it starts the arc, current gradually rises from the arcing current to the welding current. The welding does not rotate and not feed wire either at this time, the purpose is to preheat the tube sheet, which can be controlled by rising the time parameter;

2. When a stable molten pool formed on the workpiece, the torch begins to rotate and the wire feed begins simultaneously. The wire feed speed is adjustable from 0 to 1.5 m/min. During rotation process, there will be flat welding, downslope welding, overhead welding, upslope welding, etc at some time; Cegmentation can be set separately 1~6 segments within 360° according to the situation;

3. When the welding torch rotates 365° (the lap angle can be set arbitrarily), the welder enters the attenuation program, at the time, machine head continues to rotate, but the wire stops feeding, and the current gradually decreases from the welding current to the arcing current, forming a weld seam, which can be controlled by entering the fall time parameter. 
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