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Combination Of Orbital Welding Head And Robot Welding Machine

2024-06-27 16:35:38

Automation is becoming more and more popular in modern industrial manufacturing. Pipeline welding is now gradually reforming towards automation, slowly replacing manual welding. The combination of robot welding machine and orbital welding head has brought changes to the welding industry. This article will take you to understand the advantages of this combination and introduce the use and type selection of orbital welding heads.


Combination Of Orbital Welding Head And Robot Welding Machine


1. Improve welding accuracy

The application of robotic technology makes the welding process more accurate. Through 3D vision technology and programming, the robot can accurately identify the welding position and control the movement path, speed and angle of the welding head to ensure uniform welding seams and greatly improve welding quality.


2. Improve production efficiency

Robot welding machine can work continuously for 24 hours without rest. This advantage of automated welding machines is more obvious in large-scale projects.


3. Improve the working environment

During manual welding, operators often face the challenges of high temperature, harmful smoke and strong light. Robot welding machine are not restricted by the working environment.


4. Adapt to complex welding tasks

Robot welding machine can adapt to various complex welding tasks such as multi-angle welding.


How To Use The Orbital Welding Head


1. Preparation

First, make sure that the welding head, welding power supply and control system are normal. Clean the surface of the pipeline, cut the pipe, and ensure the welding position is accurate.


2. Install the welding head

Put the pipeline into the welding head slot position, and ensure that the welding head is in close contact with the pipeline and firmly fixed. Adjust the angle and position of the welding head so that it is accurately aligned with the weld.


3. Set welding parameters

According to the pipeline material and welding process requirements, set the appropriate welding current, voltage and welding speed.


4. Start the welding process

Start the robot welding machine and control the movement of the welding head according to the preset program. Keep the welding head in uniform contact with the surface of the pipeline to ensure stable welding speed and current.


5. End welding and cool down

After completing the welding, turn off the welding equipment and wait for the weld to cool down. Do not touch the weld immediately, be careful of burns.


Selection Of Orbital Welding Head Type


The closed orbital welding head is suitable for small diameter pipes within 180mm in diameter;

The caliper orbital welding machine is suitable for small and medium diameter pipes of 16-324mm, and is suitable for multi-angle and multi-position welding tasks, such as welding of pipe elbows, joints and other complex positions;

And the orbital crawling welding machine is suitable for welding large industrial pipelines, such as oil and natural gas pipelines; there is also a tube-to-tube sheet welding machine, which is mainly used for welding of tubes to tube sheets in equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers and evaporators.




In the future, the welding industry will usher in more innovations and reforms, and the trend of welding automation is irreversible. Choosing an automated orbital welding head and applying it in your factory can effectively improve your welding quality and production efficiency. I hope your company can seize this opportunity and realize automated production.

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