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Predicting IMD Trend through MI Through Transformation

2018-07-24 09:08:19

With the advancement of IT technology, the development of artificial intelligence is in booming and has entered a critical period. Now, artificial intelligence technology is infiltrating and reconstructing all aspects of economic activities such as production, distribution, exchange, consumption, etc., forming new intelligent demands, new products, new technologies, new formats from macro to micro, changing human lifestyles and even Social Structure.
Today, global manufacturing transformation is a major trend, and intelligent manufacturing caused by artificial intelligence will be applied by more and more enterprises, and it is inevitable. The 2017-2022 smart manufacturing equipment market monitoring and investment feasibility study report said: The development of smart manufacturing is an urgent need for the manufacturing industry in various countries to cope with economic globalization and improve international competitiveness, and is an inevitable choice for informationization to drive industrialization and promote the adjustment and optimization of traditional manufacturing structures.

Developed countries have introduced relevant strategies. The EU has proposed a strategic development concept centered on smart manufacturing technology in the “2020 Growth Strategy”. Germany has previously proposed the concept of “Industry 4.0” to promote manufacture competitiveness through intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, the United States is also vigorously promoting the strategic layout of smart manufacturing. It is represented by the "New Generation Robot" project and the "Industrial Internet" project. In Aisa, Japan and South Korea are also launching corresponding strategies to deal with global changes.
In 2017, the government work report in the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political ConsultativeConference listed the “Innovation Leading the Transformation and Upgrading of the Real Economy” as one of the key tasks for 2017. According to the current domestic situation, the development of China's intelligent manufacturing is still in its infancy. It has only solved the basic efficiency and accuracy problems, with no greatly improved, not enough to meet market demand. The competitiveness of products in the market still needs to be improved. Most of China's intelligent manufacturing is in the research and development stage. According to statistics, only 16% of enterprises enter the stage of intelligent manufacturing application; 60% of them have less than 10% of profits generated by smart manufacturing; and 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises lack financing channels. The inability to provide intelligent upgrade costs has inhibited the realization of smart manufacturing, and the situation is more serious.
Fortunately, in recent years, national governments and enterprises have begun to focus on the development of smart manufacturing. First of all, the state continues to improve the industrial policy of developing intelligent manufacturing, from the "12th Five-Year Development Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry", "12th Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Development" to the release of "Made in China 2025" with the development of advanced manufacturing as the core goal. The layout and planning  is for the manufacturing power promotion . Second, the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system has gradually formed, in addition to a number of breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing technology, including robotics, sensing technology, intelligent information processing technology, etc., and a number of national R&D bases were established.
In the next few years, smart manufacturing will definitely involve all aspects of our lives and form a rich industrial chain. For example, the sensing direction of the product can be produced by infrared devices and RF manufacturers using information sensing technology and sensing technology to produce sensors, machine vision, RFID and other products. In terms of intelligent production, equipment and component manufacturers will make major breakthroughs in robotics, intelligent machine tools, automation equipment and 3D printing. "2018-2022 China's 3D printing industry in-depth research and investment prospects report" shows that after 20 years of incubation, 3D printing industry leaders have begun to make significant profits, market recognition has risen rapidly, and industry revenue has increased significantly. According to the typical product life cycle theory, the product will show accelerated growth characteristics from the initial stage to the development stage, so it can be judged that the current 3D printing is entering the accelerated growth period.
In the direction of CNC machine tools, from the "2018-2022 China CNC machine tool market investment analysis and forecast report" can be seen that China's CNC machine tool industry growth trend is obvious. Although China's machine tools are generally dominated by low and medium-grade machines, and high-end machine tools are still occupied by foreign companies, China's cutting CNC machine tools have rapidly increased from the initial 10% market share to more than 30%. Moreover, the demand for high-end intelligent machine tools in the domestic industrial transformation is bound to increase day by day, so the field of high-end intelligent machine tools has great prospects. At the same time, smart factory system integrators use sophisticated system integration technology to provide complete smart factories or automated production lines. The intelligent factory connects people, machines, factory automation information management systems, raw materials and modern factory SS management to multi-dimensional integration.
At present, the "intelligence" of intelligent manufacturing is still at the level of Smart. It has the ability of data acquisition, data processing and data analysis. It can accurately execute instructions and realize closed-loop feedback. The trend of intelligent manufacturing is to realize "Intelligent", intelligent manufacturing system. It can realize new functions such as autonomous perception, independent learning, independent decision-making, and self-adaptation. Although China has a large manufacturing volume, there has always been a problem of high energy consumption and low resource conversion rate. If we can grasp this opportunity--a global manufacturing revolution and achieve technological breakthroughs, we will be able to achieve cornering overtake.

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