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Automatic robotic welding station for fence frames
It places the robot and welding system in the center and places two sets of positioners on both sides of the robot, which not only ensures the safety of the system but also not affects the use of the entire


Livestock fence frames, iron fences, etc.


Arc welding robot body:FD-V6 OTC 2suits ;
control cabinet: FD11 OTC 2suits;
transformer: 10KV OTC 2suits.

1. The core components are imported from Japan, and the performance is stable and excellent:
The robot body and its core components are imported from Japan OTC. The accuracy of the pre-order workpiece is quite small. the double-drive wire feeder ensures the smooth welding process, good weld quality, and beautiful appearance.

2. Twenty-three years of technology precipitation, stable structure system:
23 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of intelligent welding equipment technology, multi-generation product process accumulation and upgrading, mature system, compact structure, fast operation and accurate positioning.

3. Improve production efficiency and economic benefits significantly:
The whole system adopts double-station welding robot. Welding, disassembly, clamping and handling can be completed independently without mutual interference. It can realize welding all day and improve production efficiency and economic benefits greatly.

a) The workpiece be clamped on the servo positioner at the A end → the double welding robot starts the welding work at the same time → the workpiece of the B end is clamped while the robot welds the workpiece the A side→ After the workpiece at A end is welded,then the welding robot turns to the B end workpiece → The workpiece is disassembled and assembled manually at A side while the robot welds the B-end workpiece.


b) This cycle can save a lot of manpower and material resources. and the entire workstation system is structurally stable to meet 24 hours of continuous operation. The overall layout of the system is as follows (this figure is for reference only, the final acceptance is subject to the design drawings).
Serial number Name Model and configuration Manufacturer QTY Remark
1、Robot system
1 Arc welding robot body FD-V6 OTC 2 suit  
2 Control cabinet FD11 OTC 2 suit  
3 Teaching Demonstration T/P OTC 2 suit  
4 transformer 10KV OTC 2 suit  
2、Welding system
1 Welding power supply DM350 OTC 2 suit  
2 Wire Feeder   OTC 2 suit  
3 Robot special welding torch   OTC 2 suit  
4 Wire Feeder Double drive OTC 2 suit  
5 Welding accessories   OTC 2 suit  
6 Gas regulator 36V OTC 2 suit  
7 Reservation control box   OTC 2 suit  
3、other equipment
1 Robot base   Kehui technology 2 suit  
2 Servo positioner   Kehui technology 2 suit  
3 Fixture   Kehui technology 2 suit  
4 Welding torch cleaner     1 suit  
4、control system
1 Control appliance   Kehui technology 1 suit  
2 External control box   Kehui technology 2 suit  
3 Station wiring     1 suit  


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