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Coal Scraper Central Slot Automatic Robot Welding Production Line
The coal scraper central slot automatic welding production line adopts modern automatic control technology, advanced robot technology and automated production line integration technology. It realizes the automatic welding of the central slot of the coal s
1. High intelligence degree, high utilization, 24hr operation.


The production line adopts ergonomic industrial system layout and craft aesthetic design. It realizes the interaction and integration of people and systems. Each module adopts a double-station layout. It reduces equipment vacant time.  Efficiency of the whole line equipment is high. 


2. High precision positioning, stable welding, perfect weld seams.

It adopts programmatic control, laser locating, motion trajectory standard and constant welding parameters. Automatic welding robot can achieve precise repetitive motion. It makes stable arc, little sparks flying, beautiful weld seam, strong resistance to cold and cracking. It is the best choice for welding high strength wear resistant steel.


3. Adjustable equipment running speed and production tempo.

Working time(tempo) of each station can realize real-time integrate control. It ensures easy operation of the whole production line. The line adopts advanced servo control system. Production tempo can be adjusted based on different workpiece. The deformation quantity is greatly reduced. The whole efficiency is hugely improved.


4.Easy switch among control programs, suits for huge different workpieces.

The big differences among workpieces can make production in a dilemma. This production line is designed to solve this problem. The fixtures can be switched quickly. Welding programs can be changed on the general control touch screen. It realizes the fast switch among different workpieces.


5. Three-way gas supply groove robot station, high output and fast response.

The grooved robot station has the same width and narrow cutting groove. There is smooth surface, no melting edge of the steel plate. It has great stability and high repeatability. The equipment work continuously. The average monthly working time is no less than 700 hours.


6. Compact and reasonable system structures, has multiple security devices.

The ground space is effectively used. The equipment runs smoothly and reliably. They have wide application range. High production efficiency and easy to maintain. Multiple safety protections are designed for the safety of equipment and workers. There is safety fence, safety door, safety access passage and safety warning light. Also the smoke and dust cleaning system can realize smoke-free workshop.


Core Technology
Autonomous programming technology for a variety of sensor information fusion -

A high-precision automatic path generation system is adopted. It includes force controller, motion detector, etc. The system makes accurate weld gun posture.  There is constant distance between weld gun and workpieces surface.

Weld seam tracking technology - 

It can make the robot detect the real-time deviation of the weld seam. Then welding path and welding parameters will be adjusted. This guarantees the welding reliability.


Anti-collision technology - 

It effectively avoids equipment damage or work-related accidents caused by equipment collision.


Safety protection technology - 

It adopts the combination of light, machine and electricity. This ensures the safety and reliability of different units in the system.


Precise transmission technology - 

It uses servo + precision reducer, high-precision rack and high-slewing slewing drive, the walking accuracy can reach ±0.1mm. The robot positioning accuracy is ±1.5 arc minutes.


Backlash adjusting technology - 

The safety protection uses a combination of light, machine and electricity. It ensures the safety and reliability of different units.

Plant Components
The whole line consists of a curved plate cutting robot workstation, a midplane groove robot station, a seat robot welding station, a middle slot robot welding station and a central slot assembly robot welding line, including a complete robot system, a robot slide, a truss beam, and a robot. Welding system, two-axis positioner, curved plate cutting machine, flame cutting torch, laser tracking system, welding platform, flexible group to fixture, welding power supply, soot purification system and other components.



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