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Car Automatic Robot Welding Assembly Production Line
The main line of automobile welding is to weld the side sub-assembly line, the sub-assembly line of the bottom plate, the body sheet metal closing parts and the top cover made of small pieces. After positioning through the transmission device, fixture, et

The body shell is a complex structural part welded by thin steel plates. A body is assembled by hundreds of sheet metal stamping parts through positioning welding, gas shielded welding, brazing, bonding and other processes.The welding of automobile body sheet metal parts is carried out in a certain sequence, which has an obvious procedure.Automobile body production process: automobile body parts are transported to the interior of the station by lifting transmission roller bed. After they are in place, the body body welding positioning fixture will clamp the side wall, roof beam and main structure of the body, and then the robot will conduct positioning welding on the body with positioning welding gun.After the welding is finished, the fixture is opened and the body is transported to the next station by the lifting roller bed.Automatic welding line is often used in the body section.




In order to monitor the geometric precision of the vehicle body in real time, on-line measurement is usually adopted in the main line.The online measurement is to use laser technology to make geometric measurement of the car body, compare the measurement data with the standard data and feedback the comparison results.Thus, the geometric precision of the car body can be monitored by 100%.The on-line measurement is divided into robot type and fixed side head type.The robot type is suitable for collinear multi-model measurement, and the fixed side head type has high precision, but generally only for one model.


Main line 3 mainly completes the welding of the canopy.Some of the roof welding resistance location welding, but the more advanced technology is laser brazing.Brazing is a welding method in which the filler with a melting point lower than that of the welded metal fills the gap of the weld by capillary action after melting and diffuses with the wire.The main difference between brazing and fusion welding is that in brazing only the filler metal melts, while the welded metal does not melt (the welded metal melts in fusion welding). The liquid filler metal enters the gap between the two welds by wetting and capillary action, and the atomic bonding is achieved by the mutual diffusion of the liquid filler metal and the solid metal.

Core Technology
In order to ensure the beauty of laser brazing welds, the third line will set up a station for automatic polishing of welds, which can repair the positioning welding of the front and rear ends of the roof and polish laser brazing at the same time.With a piece of polishing robot to around each set of grinding, path and speed of weld grinding after the completion of the body was taken to the next station for automatic detection of weld quality, and delivery in the mainline three body area, through the display shows test result workers through the test results to determine whether need to weld repair.At the same time, the workers will also conduct visual inspection on the exterior surface of the car body and laser brazing welds. For the car body whose exterior surface is unqualified, the workers shall mark on the car body to remind the adjustment line staff to repair. If the laser brazing welds are unqualified, manual TIG welding shall be used for repair in the delivery area of the line body.The external surface or laser brazing welding seam has serious defects, when the repair time is long, the body shall be taken offline for repair, and the qualified body shall be transferred to the next production line.

Plant Components
The body section generally includes the left and right side subassembly line, the front and rear subassembly line and the main line.The production side inner plate sub-assembly of the side inner plate line is provided to the production side subassembly of the side inner plate line.The main line receives the bottom plate subassembly from the bottom plate section, and it is preinstalled by the robot with the side subassembly, front and rear subassembly, the upper cover plate of the instrument panel and the outer plate of the rear closing plate.
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