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KH Trinity Auto Pulse Argon Arc Orbital Welder
KH auto pulse argon arc orbital welder can realize auto welding of KHGK Caliper tube - tube, KHGC closed tube-tube and KHB12-80 suspension tube plate. It adopts advanced inverter power supply, self-designed control system and accordingly control software.


Boiler, heat exchanger, pharmaceutical, chemical, food machinery, engineering installation, industrial pipeline, biological engineering, refrigeration engineering, electronic equipment, instrumentation ships, military industry, nuclear power, etc.


Power: 50/60Hz, single phase Power control mode: IGBT inverter control Rated input voltage: AC 200/220V ±10%(380V, 3 phase available ) Welding current(base current): 4~300A
1.To addresses the issue of operator error in GTAW / TIG . computer-controlled process runs with little intervention from the operator. 

2.Three-in-one Multi-function, It is wildly used for KHGK, KHGC, KHB12-80 series 11 different type of orbital welding heads.

3.To guarantee high quality repeatable welding. a successful programming monitors variables and performs periodic samples during its test welding. LCD touch screen, easy to input.

4.Intelligent welding . 100 successful programming stored in PLC, just pick one. 

5.High productivity.  2-3 times higher than conventional TIG welding.
6.10 hours continuous welding. qualified welding head and power and water cooling system make it.

7.Car-integrated design, freedom of movement.

8.Small space of scientific design


KH-315A Multi-function Automatic TIG welder is a power source with Multi-function control system, which suits for KHGC, KHGK and KHB12-80 series various of tube orbital welding heads and Tube to tube sheet orbital welding head.

1)KHGK series open-frame orbital welding heads are used to weld tube OD 16mm - 300mm, and the tube wall-thickness is 1.5mm - 20mm.

2)KHGC series closed- frame orbital welding heads are used to weld tube OD 3mm - 180mm, and the tube wall-thickness is less than 3mm.

3)KHB12-80 series Tube to tube sheet orbital welding head is used to weld tube to tube-sheet, the tube OD 12 - 80mm, Max. 89mm,  and tube thickness 1 - 6.5mm.


1.the tubes must be standard type, the deviation must be within machine tolerance.

2.A trained operator is necessary to make sure its normal work.

Welding Product:

How to use:
  1. Polish the nozzle clean→Open uniform and symmetrical standard groove according to the relevant process→Make sure 1mm error measurement of pipe butt joint→Spot welding in advance.
  2. Program welding procedures on control panel→Fasten machine to tube-tube to be welded(locating hood)→Press start button on remote control→Fill the chamber of machine head with argon gas→Form a stable argon gas protection environment.
  3. A stable molten pool form is formed on workpeices→ Welding torch starts rotating→When workpieces rotates 365°, welder begins reduction process→ Current decreases gradually from welding current to crater arc current→Weld seams are connected→This procedure can be controlled by inputting fall time.
No. Item Parameters
1 Power control mode IGBT inverter control
2 Rated input voltage&range AC 200/220V ±10%(Can be changed to 3 phase, 380V)
3 Power frequency and phase no. 50/60Hz, single phase
4 Rated input volume 9.0KVA
5 Rated input power 5.9KW
6 Rated load duration 40%
7 Rated floating voltage 65V
8 Rated welding voltage 19V
9 Welding current(base current) 4~300A
10 Pulse current 4~300A
11 Starting current 4~300A
12 Crater arc current 4~300A
13 Pulse frequency 0.5~30Hz
14 Pulse duty cycle 5~95%
15 Rise time 0.0~20S
16 Fall time 0.0~20S
17 Advance air delivery time 0.0~20S
18 Lag air shutdown time 0.0~20S
19 Program storage capacity 1~100
20 Program section 1~12 sections
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